Journey of a Software Developer
My first week at PersianSwitch
Learning Clojure

Just finished the first chapter of Clojure Programming, I’ll try to solve problems using Clojure.

New Adventures
You: what are you doing these days?
Me: started learning Clojure and Emacs :-)
rbenv gdb make friends on my Mac

By installing the gdb through brew and codesig it though instructions at, I have a working trusted gdb.

Then reinstalled my ruby by running

RUBY_CFLAGS=”-ggdb3 -O0” rbenv install 2.0.0-p247 —keep -v

Now I hope I’d be able to attach to ruby programs and debug it at the finest level.

Started working on those problems, just solved ten of them.

Interview with Amazon Web Service

I’ve been invited to onsite interview by Amazon Web Service (after 3 rounds of phone interviews), even though I didn’t get offer, but it was a very fruitful process.

Their day to day problems was very different from what I’ve been involved with during my career, but I’d like very much to spend time and practice to hone my skills to be able to solve those kind of fun and interesting problems.

Productivity Machine

tmux is fun! awesome window manager is great to focus on job at hand and not disturbing you while working, and ArchLinux is pretty fast and lightweight.

On Threading

I’m reading parts of CLR via C# 3rd Edition by Jeffrey Richter, mostly threading part.

I think it’s one of the most insightful books on threading in Windows, he has an intense knowledge of threading implementation details, patterns and anti-patterns on Windows and CLR. 

I recommend it to all who wants to have a profound practical knowledge of threading in .NET .

Information Visualization : SSL Session Illustrated Clearly

Although this Article depicts a simplified version of protocol, it will help you to grasp the main point very quickly and remember it more easily, the more detailed version can be found on Wikipedia